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Clients get the advantage of sharp and action oriented investment advice every month

Clients receive insights from our research desk which is one of the largest in India, covering 200+ companies. You will experience superior research analysis through our high grade intellectual capital and strong corporate relationship. Our research is driven by a core investment philosophy for stock selection.

Clients get the advantage of sharp and action oriented investment advice every month through our investment strategy, which reflects our house view translating into clear and simple asset allocation, customized to the needs of different risk profiles. An Investment Committee consisting of research experts across asset class forms the house view for investment strategy.

Clients are offered fund recommendation covering both debt and equity mutual funds across wide range of categories. Recommendation are based on detailed fund assessment framework taking into account qualitative and quantitative factors to come out with selected best mutual funds available in industry for our investors.



Edelweiss Global Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing Wealth Management firms in India. Our clientele include - New Age Entrepreneurs, Business Owners/ Promoters, Family Offices, CXOs and Corporate Treasuries.

Our core philosophy of 'Ideas create, values protect' is translated into an approach that is led by entrepreneurship, research and creativity, protected by intellectual rigour, and analysis




CEO - Global Asset & Wealth Management

Ashish Kehair

Deputy CEO - Global Asset & Wealth Management

Anshu Kapoor

Head Private Wealth Management


Managing Partner

Alok Saigal

Managing Partner


Managing Partner

Santosh Pandey

Managing Partner

Ankit Gala

Managing Partner

Yogesh Sodhani

Managing Partner

Saurabh Rungta

Chief Investment Officer

Nikhil Samant

Head IT & Digital Transformation

Cedric Sequeira

Chief Operating Officer

Snehal Ponde

Head Human Resources



Multi Asset Class Expertise

The Edelweiss Group has the expertise and knowledge honed from operating across several...

Risk Management

Our approach to risk resonates with clients keen on building upon opportunity but at the same time...

Client Centric

The Client is at the heart of our being. The relationship is grounded in understanding his priorities...

360 Degree Solutions

Edelweiss Global Wealth Management is popular with the new age entrepreneur as he finds value in our ability...

Institutional Approach

Edelweiss is a large diverse business house with a structured, transparent and proven approach to business...

Governance and Transparency

We look at the business as a partnership. Clarity of thought and action governs our practice. Our client is sensitized ...



Edelweiss believes that solutions can be offered only when the needs are clearly understood. We provide you with an array of Individual as well as Corporate Solutions to suit all your needs


Edelweiss believes that solutions can be offered only when the needs are clearly understood.


Edelweiss offers a wide range of corporate financing like project funding and working capital loans, besides advisory services on structuring and syndicating



The culture of mutual respect and client centricity makes me happy to wake up each morning and come to work. People want others to succeed, they treat others with respect and do what is right. I am able to meet client requirements at Edelweiss through out of the box thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. I feel deeply connected to the people philosophy of Edelweiss and strongly believe that we have built this team with great care and ambition.


Edelweiss - Global Wealth Management

My seven years with PWM, Edelweiss have been full of excitement and learning. It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of an amazing team of talented individuals who are obsessed with doing what is best for the client. At Edelweiss we are proud to bring the best solutions to our clients. The platform encourages long term thinking and the culture is transparent and meritorious.


Edelweiss - Global Wealth Management

What stands out in the organisation is that it promotes – Intrapreneurs. It allows you flexibility to grow on your own while simultaneously creating an environment which supports you to fulfil your ambitions. PWM, unlike other wealth outfits has created a culture where internal collaboration is well appreciated - seeking help is not a sign for weakness but encouraged as a solution created together is better and more sustainable. The cultural ethos rewards initiative and ownership. People who display this more and more interesting project, newer responsibilities are given newer opportunities for career growth are opened up. Edelweiss is a very people friendly organisation. Over the last decade, it’s moved towards wellbeing focussed, which is very evident in the HR initiatives.


Edelweiss - Global Wealth Management